The Use of Drones

The Use of Drones

After a certain thing is invented for one purpose, other purposes branch out and hence the technology expands and is further used for other reasons than the intended initial one. One expanding example of a piece of tech like this is drones. These unmanned aerial vehicles were first only used for military purposes but have now expanded to commercial uses. There are many key features of a drone that make it useful for more than one purpose. This article not only talks about these key features, but it also explains how each field is defined by the key feature used in a drone.

Starting off, we first need to understand how a drone is operated. We already understand that drones are unmanned but there are several ways it can be operated. The most common way is via a human operator fixed at a certain location. Other than that, the newer latest drones are automatically operated via a computer on board that asserts and calculates everything itself. The highest recorded altitude of a drone is up to 65000 feet and can remain so for 35 hours. Other commercial drones can cost from 500 dollars and more, depending on the intended use. For recreational purposes, the drones are rather smaller and much safer, and easier to use. Not only for entertainment, but these commercial drones are also used for business problems and agricultural purposes.

Key features

Depending on what the drone is used for, there are several key features associated with each type of drone, for example, military drones are usually well equipped with arms and bombs, while commercial drones have built-in cameras. There are only a certain number of countries that are known to manufacture armed UAVs. Other than that, they are usually small and light weighted.